Some of our selected portfolio for you to look at.
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Indonesian Trucking Association

APTRINDO plays a role in the distribution of logistics and consumer goods, as well as one of the main supporting pillars of National Logistics System in Indonesia.
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Lakulah Store

One of the most trusted and biggest gold online seller in Tokopedia with more than 9500 products sold.
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Pineapple Lifestyle Furniture

Fresh furniture innovation from Tangerang, Indonesia. They exported most of their products and start their online store recently.
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Dream Sparkle Singapore

Cleaning and home disinfection services to help prevent the spread of bacteria and other diseases across Singapore.
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Universal Furniture Industries

Sister company of Indosurya Mahakam which focus in outdoor furniture.
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APTRINDO's Information System with over 3000 members and 40.000 trucks databases which integrated with BPH MIGAS and Indonesian Department of Transportation.
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DEW Magazine

Jakarta-based online media created by Indonesian fashion enthusiasts for the global market.
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KLifestyle Singapore

One of Singapore's online store. Klifestyle offers a lot of product choices for your needs, from fashion to healthy lifestyle.
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El's Coffee

The biggest coffee brand in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. They have 6 store branches across Indonesia and still expanding.
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Indosurya Mahakam

One of the biggest rattan crafter and exporter in Cirebon, Indonesia.